did you come for the music ?

So, all good things must come to an end ? Surely, I don't know. Since I, after my injury stumbled upon photography by coincidence - this is basically what I've been doing since. The thing is though, at the time of my injury we had basically finished recording the second album "Sunseeker" - which never got to be released. Since then, it's just  been lying around while I received a steady stream of questions about a release - and I just didn't know what to answer. Simply because I - well, just didn't know... 

I have just taken my time recovering, and embracing a new part of my life - that is photography. I am probably going to release new music at some point - but I guess that will mainly be new stuff.

So I decided put up some of the songs from "Sunseeker" here + some off the first album as well. You can either stream or download them for free - just scroll down. I will of course put the full "Sunseeker"-album up on iTunes & Spotify as well whenever I get the chance. The first album is still available in retail-stores, iTunes, Spotify etc.

To all the people from france, italy, israel, sweden and the uk & us and everywhere else, who have emailed and messaged me during these years ---> THANK YOU ! You have no idea how much it meant to me - and I am amazed that someone actually still remembers me. These songs are for you !

Alexander xxx